From flawless and fabulous gel nails to luscious lashes and beautiful brows, we have you covered.

From 12.11.19 The Nail & Beauty Nerd  prices will change slightly.To most regular gel clients you won’t actually get charged anymore for your regular service, I’ve just added another service option so you have a cheaper ‘no frills’ option at £24 and a ‘signature’ all the frills option at £30.


Soak-off will not be charged for in your return appointment!
The Nail & Beauty Nerd Signature Gel Manicure will replace the old ‘soak-off and re-application’and when you book online you’ll be able to choose which option you want.Lash and acrylic services will increased slightly to reflect the experience and training I have invested in and to stay in line with market value.

I will stay committed to providing a great long lasting service and ensuring your nail/lash health is put above everything else.

As well as this I am dedicated to becoming a living wage employer, I pay my staff over the minimum wage and invest in ethical business choices and little extras to make your experience more enjoyable, these are a tiny bit more expensive but definitely worth it for sustainable & good business practice!

Finally, thank-you to all of my lovely clients who support my business, I literally couldn’t do it without you!

You will continue to be rewarded for your loyalty, with exclusive offers, opportunities to model for new services and our loyalty scheme.

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