I’m Emma, owner and total nerd!
I set up The Nail and Beauty Nerd after working in a salon and realising that getting your nails done is about more than just having nice nails. It’s about taking time out for yourself. Beauty treatments are such a great way to recharge and claim back some 'you time'.
In my Commercial Street salon, I wanted to create an environment where clients would feel valued and weren’t just the next person in a queue. Where they could have a laugh, relax and walk out feeling glossy and pampered.
Originally trained as a scientist and a teacher of science I came to the profession a little later than most. Because of this background I know nails and beauty like the back of my hand (pun intended).
Rather than just telling you what you need our team will listen and discuss your treatment options with you. Taking the time to make sure you are completely satisfied with your treatment.