It isn’t all doom and gloom- introducing FACIAL FRIDAY

Through-out the last week I have been working hard to ensure that The Nail & Beauty Nerd can still help you to look and feel your best you from the comfort of your own home.

As we move forward a lot of us in isolation or separated from loved ones self care is going to be even more important than usual. As is having the separation between work and home life, with some many of us working from home. I wanted to help establish a little self-care routine. That’s when I came up with…


Friday 27 March at 6pm

Pop open the fizz, snuggle into your fave PJ’s and prepare to pamper.

Follow along at home this Friday 27 March at 6pm.

I will be carrying out a LIVE demo of a water soothe facial on myself via Facebook, this is free to watch and contains my expert tips on how to best care for your skin.

If you are new to skincare there is no need to worry about having all the “kit” I have put together a guide detailing what I will be using and what you can substitute at home.

I will take you through proper cleansing techniques, deep exfoliation, masking and most importantly massage techniques which you can use to help relieve tension, improve blood flow & skin tone and help to give your skin a visible lift.

If you would like to join in for free then please join us at:

If you would like a more bespoke facial consultation then please get in touch and we can arrange a video call about choosing the right skin care for you.

I’m now an elemental herbology affiliate!!

In other super exciting news I am now an elemental herbology affliate. This means that if you shop online at elemental herbology using my link The Nail & Beauty Nerd gets a percentage of the sale!

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This is a great way for skincare addicts to support my small business and get some gorgeous products.

If you want to chat about finding your perfect skincare we can arrange a free video or phone consultation.

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Thank-you so much to you all for your continued support of The Nail & Beauty Nerd.

Take care,

Emma & the team at the Nail and Beauty Nerd

5 Tips for Winter Wellness

Long nights. Bare trees. Crisp air. Yes, we are well and truly in the midst of winter – and though it’s often cosy, its chill and darkness can impact on our wellbeing. Very often, the season triggers low mood, irritability and – in serious cases – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). And so, self-care isn’t just important at this time of year – it’s essential. 

That’s why I’ve put together five key tips for achieving winter wellness…

1. Eat well

OK, this may sound like an obvious point – but it’s a vital one to make. What we eat really can affect our mood! So, make sure to stock up on healthy grub. I’m talking fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and lentils – basically anything that contains fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you’re after a serotonin boost, try out some complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, pasta, bread and oats.

And let’s not forget about protein. Fail to get enough, and it could lower your mood – and nobody wants that, especially during winter. But if you’re a veggie or vegan, fear not! Protein is abundant in pulses, lentils and nuts. It can also be found in sweet potatoes, broccoli and other delicious vegetables. 

2. Avoid lie-ins

Another simple tip – but once again a crucial one! While sleep is vital at any time of year, it’s particularly so during winter. Or rather, when we go to sleep is important. Even though it can feel like it, we don’t actually need more rest in winter than we do in summer. The cold weather and long nights just make it seem like we do! And for many of us, the temptation to turn off the alarm and lie in is greater now than during other seasons.

But sleeping too much typically worsens feelings of sluggishness – and this in turn can affect our emotional wellbeing. So, resist the lie-in urge! You’ll likely find it easier to adopt a healthy bedtime routine as a result. 

3. Enjoy right now

So winter may not be your favourite season – chilly weather and dark nights aren’t to everyone’s taste. But despite its low temperatures, this time of year can be very picturesque. So, why don’t you delight in its beauty? Enjoy the gems of winter, and it could help to take your mind off its less pleasant aspects.

You could even set yourself an artistic project focussing on the landscape, nature or other sights of the season. Experts are keen to underline the close link between recreational activities and mental wellness. If you’re low on spare time, you can just schedule an hour or so to stroll around your local park or green space. Look for wintry gems (frost on branches, red breasted robins, etc), and it may just help you to feel better about the season. You could even do so during your lunch hour!

4. Treat yourself

Whoever said you need a special occasion to treat yourself? Self-care is fundamental to our wellbeing – performing it regularly can really help to maintain a positive mood. And this, of course, is essential during winter. As you’ll have likely guessed, the practice lives up to its name: self-care means looking after ourselves. But despite what many say, it isn’t selfish at all.

Actually, it allows us to underline our inner value to the person who needs to see it most: ourselves. As a result, it can help to grow our self-esteem – and as you’ll no doubt know already, our sense of self greatly affects how we treat ourselves and those around us. Self-care isn’t tricky to achieve.

In fact, it can be as easy as sticking up for our feelings and beliefs. Eating healthily, exercising and investing in positive relationships are all forms of self-care, too.

If beauty treatments help you unwind, why not book in with us at the Nail & Beauty Nerd? We tailor each visit to your needs and preferences to provide the best treatment possible. Just the thing for luxury self-care!

5. Look to the (near) future

If you’re really struggling to shake the winter blues, it may be best to look to the future – the near future. True, when we’re in the middle of winter, it can feel like the season will last forever. But it won’t. It might not seem like it, but spring is on its way. So, why don’t you look ahead to the coming season? Doing so will provide an easy way to take your mind off the chilly weather and dark nights. Plan fun activities for the warmer months, and it could help the next few months to pass more quickly.

It’s fair to say that winter isn’t the most comfortable time of year – and that’s why it’s crucial to look after your wellbeing during the season. With these top tips, you’ll be well on your way to beating the winter blues. .

Before I sign off…

If you think you’re struggling with SAD or are worried about your emotional health, or someone else’s, please visit your GP as soon as you can.

Need urgent support? No problem! There’s plenty available both online and over the phone, from the Samaritans to Mind.

I’d also highly recommend The Blurt Foundation, which offers heaps of helpful guides on mental health.

Gel Nail After Care Advice

Gel Manicure - Gel Nails - Harrogate Nail Bar

Gel Manicure - Gel Nails - Harrogate Nail Bar

Gel nails can last beautifully for weeks, but they need your help. The people with the best lasting nails follow this advice to the letter.

  1. Nails are jewels not tools! Avoid picking at things with your nails, or biting or picking the nails themselves. Try to avoid bashing your nails into things or being heavy handed (easier said than done I know).
  2. Wear gloves for all washing up, work with chemicals, cleaning, gardening and decorating.
  3. Use cuticle oil regularly, morning and night. This is important as it helps to keep brittle nails tough! It will also help to nourish the skin around your nails supporting the health of your nails.
  4. Always have your product professionally removed, with foil soak off if possible, as this is best for your natural nail plate.
  5. Moisturise regularly but avoid hand creams containing lanolin which can cause lifting.
  6. Avoid turmeric, curries, tanning and hair colorants touching your nails particularly if you have a light colour on as these things penetrate the porous gel layer and can cause discolouration. Products containing an SPF can also cause discolouration, wipe nails after application.
  7. If you experience any lifting, or chipping do not peel the gel off(!) contact The Nail and Beauty Nerd for a complimentary repair or removal (see “chip free Guarantee” policy)
  8. Do not file the tip of your nails as there is a seal created which keeps the gel strong, breaking this seal will allow water in and allow them to chip.